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Bitmap fonts and anti-aliasing

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I've noticed some strange behavior with bitmap fonts. For example the Press Start 2P font is originally a 8px font if I am not mistaken. Yet in the examples provided the font is 32px. This is fine when just using ascii or even Latin1 + Cyrillic from Google fonts. But when I include 12px Japanese glyphs it makes sense to scale everything down to 12px.

After combining the two in fontforge I generate the image with bmfont. Yet at 12px the anti-aliasing in melon.js destroys the void spaces in letters like 'e' or 'a'. When I examine the generated image, I can see that there is an adequate void and that bmfont has produced an acceptable image. 

My conclusion is that melon.js has anti-aliased the font before scaling the image up. For me this seems like a bug. If anti-aliasing is applied globally by default, perhaps it should be applied after the sprites are scaled?

Otherwise, I have a somewhat acceptable result with an internationalized 24px bitmap font taking up an entire 2048x2048 texture. Something about it seems wrong, and I doubt that native Japanese users will find the result satisfactory. 

It has been hard to maintain readability and the retro look.

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interesting..... !

there is an antialias option when calling, that is actually (or should be in theory) false by default, would you try to force it to false ?

also are you using the canvas or webgl renderer (the latter still has a few issues that needs to be worked out), if yes can you also try to force the CANVAS one instead  ? (either by removing the renderer option from the properties list, or just change it to

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