Instance SubMesh Frustum Culling

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I discovered, what i call a bug, with instances and frustum culling.

When the original mesh got submeshes the submesh culling of the instances relate to the position of the original mesh. This results in disappearing instances (submeshes) when the original mesh leaves the frustum.

My quick hack was

	BABYLON.SubMesh.prototype.isInFrustum = function (frustumPlanes) {
		if( this._mesh._isAllwaysInFrustum )return true;
		var boundingInfo = this.getBoundingInfo();
		if (!boundingInfo) {
			return false;
		return boundingInfo.isInFrustum(frustumPlanes);

//then setting
orginalMesh._isAllwaysInFrustum = true;

I think the current behaviour is not intended.


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i have to admit you are right. That doesnt seem to be the problem in my scene. But the code fixed the problem !?!?!

I've tried to reproduce the problem in PG, but it doesnt show up.

Now im more convinced the problems lies in the LOD and multimat system.

But ... look here http://test.pixotron.net/submeshbug/submeshbug.html

when you turn around an navigate the materials get pretty mixed up.

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