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Found 5 results

  1. Till version 3.12 everything was fine on using tilemaps. Now, by using a camera that moves, tiles blinking on their edges because the frameContainer isn't as fast as the camera. Is there already an issue, or is somebody aware of this? 3.14 fixes a lot of camera stuff for me, but it makes it unusable since it breaks literally tilemaps..
  2. Hello! I discovered, what i call a bug, with instances and frustum culling. When the original mesh got submeshes the submesh culling of the instances relate to the position of the original mesh. This results in disappearing instances (submeshes) when the original mesh leaves the frustum. My quick hack was BABYLON.SubMesh.prototype.isInFrustum = function (frustumPlanes) { if( this._mesh._isAllwaysInFrustum )return true; var boundingInfo = this.getBoundingInfo(); if (!boundingInfo) { return false; } return boundingInfo.isInFrustum(frustumPlanes); }; //then setting orginalMesh._isAllwaysInFrustum = true; I think the current behaviour is not intended.
  3. I have a simple question about culling of meshes to find out whats the best strategy to keep the performance high. What is the better approach: 1. merge static meshes to a single terrain-mesh. I guess the culling doesn't cull triangles but the whole mesh. So a part of the big terrain-mesh is always on screen, this means that the complete terrain-mesh will always be drawn, even if we see just a small part of the mesh, right? There isn't something like faces culling? 2. merge static meshes to multiple terrain-meshes. This way the amount of drawcalls is reduced too, but only the parts of the terrain are drawn that are on screen. E.g. I split up the terrain into 4 - 8 single meshes. I guess it's 2. Can someone enlighten me? I make a game with a top down view, where the player can see just only a small part of the terrain at once, so I don't want the whole geometry to be drawn in every frame. I am attaching terrain and decorations like trees and some other stuff to a single mesh and wonder if that's a overkill, if the mesh gets a high vertices count and will always be drawn completely. Thanks.
  4. I have a scene that has a virtual patient. I am using a free camera in the scene, and I am having an issue where the right side edge of the scene window is close to the patient, the head and the entire body goes invisible. I attached some images to illustrate, but is this an issue where the camera frustum edge is making geometry invisible? Is there a way to make adjustments to it so that I am not clipping my virtual patient? headOn.png - shows how the patient is normally headOff.png - what happens when the patient is near the edge of the window. He will disappear completely if he is closer. Thanks in advance
  5. Hey guys! If I have a large selection of sprites (tiles) that are owned by a spritebatch - what is the most efficient way of culling them? Currently I am adding / removing from the batch. Is this this the best way? If so, what is the most efficient way of updating the contents of the spritebatch? current I am being lazy and flagging those that are 'to be rendered' and placing them in an array and doing something like: batch.removeAll(); batch.addMultiple(array); is there a quicker way I can do this? Thanks
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