Babylon v3.2 entering frozen time

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Uh oh... it's 4:10 PM Friday, US Central time.  We're surely on the verge of "the freeze"!  I got my long underwear on, and my goose-down parka.  brrrr.

Let's see... umm... we saw a few cubeMap issues in recent months... maybe on Android-only?  The skybox textures were repeated, or incorrectly mapped, or stuff?

I just thought I'd mention it.  I think we had 3 skybox forum questions arrive within 1.5 months... all of them about texture layouts or corner intersections. 

Two were Android, I think.  Did Android recently get a feature... called "Skybox" or something... that uses a single image to put the user inside an Android-made skybox?

Is that system colliding with OUR skyboxes?   Something about... umm... it uses the first image of a 5/6-image cubeMap... as its ENTIRE skybox?

I dunno.  I'm talking crap, I'm sure.  There's something called 'Skybox' running around... might be causing trouble.  I hope it knows better than to mess-with OUR skyboxes.  :)

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