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Hello, here I created game but I have a problem with a function. When did the party begin to have a message that says "Go!" and I would like it to change when the player reaches 100 points. My last try script that absolutely does not work.

function textChange() {
    if (player.score == 100) {

Thanks all

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What does the `updateScore` function do?

When do you call `textChange`?

How I imagine something like this would work:

* Game renders

* User input, play the game

* Game renders, this top bit is a loop

* When the user does something, then somehow you update the score, maybe you call `updateScore`?

* When the score has been updated you want to check if you should change the text, maybe by calling 'textChange`?

* This checks the current score and calls `updateText` if necessary

* As the game is on a loop, the game will render and the text on screen will have changed

There are lots of ways to accomplish the above steps, but I imagine pretty much any way of doing it will do roughly those steps, probably in that order.

I think that maybe you're not calling functions in the right place, or, more accurately, at the right time.

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On 23/04/2018 at 11:17 PM, mattbnn said:

If player can get more than one point in updateScore() you probably omit 100 score

change to:

if (player.score >= 100)

My thoughts exactly! It might be the case that your update loop goes too fast and therefore indeeds reaches more than 100.

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