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Anyone want to Team Up ?

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Im getting back into gaming lately, and I am also slow at work for a while - So I want to finish up my Contra game.

Initially ... the idea of contra-2000 was pretty much a battle royale .. so I figure, now that Battle Royales are so popular ... if I called this thing Contra-Royale (or something more clever) it could be pretty good and popular. Im really into fornite, and so is everyone else, so I think the complete gameplay will be similar ... except for its 2D platformer and Contra. 

I just pushed up some clean up and a better readme onto the original contra-2000 github repo. If anyone shows any interest in helping...i'll get it back onto AWS so we can check it out in action. But there is plenty left to do....generally Id group it a few areas. 

  • client side - art / sound / ui / level design
  • client side - gameplay mechanics / new features / gameplay events
  • server side - game logistics / game management / messaging
  • ops crap - aws / deployment / etc

Thats all - if anyone is interested I'd love to hear from you. PM me or just comment here. You can see how that contra game looked when I stopped last year in the gallery.... 




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