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Curse Of Zipfelmuetz (jump and run involving broom riding)

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A 6 level exploring and broom riding jump and run.

Your 50 cats were snatched by magicians. Free them.
You play as the young energetic cat caring witch, commonly known by her nickname "Curse Of Zipfelmuetz". 

Happy exploration !


Keyboard only.

Move and Menu Navigation: Arrow keys or WASD.
Jump or any other action: X or M. You will have to find out by yourself what other actions are possible.
Proceed in menus: Space or Return.
Admit defeat in a level: P. To return to title menu, press P again.


1. The "Trespassers Guide" (second option in title menu) contains hints.
2. Left/right keys at first option in title menu sets the start level.
This allows for practicing every level. Practice broom riding in level 6 or 3.
3. You can admit defeat in a level by pressing key P. You return to the title
menu by pressing key P again.

Direct Link to Game:

Game Homepage:


Created with emscripten. Wrote my own engine(s) but of course depend on some libraries and on tools for content creation. Find an exhaustive list on the games homepage. 

Put much emphasis on sound in this game.


A Hintbook (yes, there are puzzles in this game).

A video with complete Walkthrough.








Edited by schubi
Updated link to a higher quality walkthrough video.

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the animation is funny :D but for some reason i'd prefer more monochrome colors, a color theme in some way, per game or per level. although, i do note that the whole game has a color theme in some way, but if every level had some more "monochromic touch" like the green one, that would attract me more to play it.

and control key for jumping please

ps: about the colors.. like the original prince of persia maybe. that may not support the humoristic approach, but i'd prefer the look.

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Yes, monochrome colors would have added to the atmosphere. I actually thought about a monochrome setting as in knight lore. Decided against (church windows etc). But at least the screen is monochrome green when the time is frozen by a spell.

True, the levels share the same color scheme.

Uh, oh, ctrl + w ? Dangerous. Fatal. Disastrous 🙂

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