[WIP] mini offline rubies

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Collect the green rubies to get laser ammo for shooting.
Collect the orange rubies from inside asteroids to get more shield energy.
Land on a planet to sell shield energy for cash.

navigate: cursor keys
shoot: control key

mouse: no



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Pretty cool :) is it all 3D polygons or actually just sprite-work?

A couple of small things could be improved relative easily though..

  • The game starts instantly, maybe show instructions first, like a panel with text and an OK button.
  • The lasers are hardly visible, they could be bigger and brighter for better visibility (also all sprites could use a bit more color)
  • Maybe start out with at least a few lasers instead of zero, to get the action going right away

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Thanks! :-)

Oh, and the asteroids and rubies are just canvas triangles forming some edgy circle, the center of it is moved a bit out, and the brightness is sin(triangle_index * something), which happened to make it look slightly like a 3D model, but it will never be really 3D.

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Cool Game! I do have some suggestions:

- It wasn't clear at first whether I needed to avoid the gold asteroids (that appeared after shooting a big asteroid) or collect them. This is probably due to the fact that the original, iconic asteroids game had asteroids break down into smaller asteroids. I would change the gold asteroids into some sort of coin or gem to make it more clear.

- Landing on the planets to "sell shield power" is confusing, especially since you have to mount backwards. Maybe try clarifying a little more on how to do this.

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