How remove aliasing in .gltf

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The function "templates.main.param.fill-screen =" true" is a great help, and solves a big problem with a single line of code, thank you very much.

So, I understand that the original problem of my publication is in the 3DS Max model used, as Nabroski commented.
Now I am making my own models and maps and everything works very well.

And with your new contribution everything works better ...


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Hard to say, what is going on. Who knows, what was on the mind of the creator of the model. Maybe he just need a nice renderer and only had limited time. For a 3D render its more lickly getting away with modeling "errors"  for the price of slower render, increase computation time, than in a rasterizer like OpenGL/WebGL, where realtime is the key. I have no access to 3D max, i converted the file you shared to an *.obj and then analyze it in Blender,  - i make just conclusions from what i see.  What i can say for sure, the planes the textures are mapped to are to close to the main shampu surface, that causes Z-Fighting. But that is only half of the solution, i see in the examples your shared, that on other places in the model "some rendering errors", lets call the zFighting for now, also appears.  My guess: it seem form me that a to function like Solidify Modifier Blender similar in 3Dmax causing a bug. But who knows for sure, someone has to debug this, luckily this persons will not be me.

two planes to close on each other  - Z-fighting

shampo_zFight.JPG.5ec7114280a2739edde8767bbeb526cf.JPG shampo_zFight1.JPG.04a4ed5ac3549d35b18b409d30327d25.JPG

Good Night, Good Flight,
Keep us posted.


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