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Yo @gulp

Im trying to make a Universal Dummy GLTF/GLB with animations... Will be ALOT more transportable with any 3D Enviroment that supports GLTF... Having Issues with GLTF Animations at the moment...

But until then, you can still use the regular Babylon Toolkit to export a Character as a .babylon json with Animations

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23 minutes ago, gulp said:

I'm sorry I'm new and don't understand: how could I "open" in Blender or 3DS ?

Wrong workflow direction if using the Babylon Toolkit is what you want.

If you do want to use Babylon Toolkit... That is your game development environment. You make the whole game in Unity. Not only creating scenes and levels but using scripts and components as well. All geometry is in Unity Mesh Format... You use tools like Blender, Maya and 3DS as a Modeling Editor... All the assets from your modeling package, you would brings those into Unity... Then Build Your Scene... this will export UNITY CONTENT (no matter where it came from... Maya, 3DS, Blender, Unity Asset Store, Fuse, Daz3D, Sketchfab... Where ever) to Babylon Game Engine Format.

Check out the Getting Started Video :)



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