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Hi guys... Im working on encoding GLTF Skeletal Animations. It looks like the skeleton is there, the bones are there, the animations are on the bones...

But for some reason, it does not Animate.

Yo @Deltakosh  or @bghgary or ANYBODY who know ANYTHING about GLTF Animations ... C an you please take a look at this playground:

Maybe you can tell WTF is going on the GLTF Animations i hav encoded... Am i missing something in the GLTF File or what.... Is the the Bone Weights ???

Shit... This is so frustrating because there is not that much to go on BESIDES the Khronos and Sketchfab UnityGLTF Exporters... WHICH BOTH SUCK FOR ANIMATIONS... So now i gotta go re-write that shit too :(


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Looks like im gonna have to implement GLTF Animations from scratch in UnityGLTF. Khronos does not support animations in the UnityGLTF Exporter and the Sketchfab has too many tweaks made especially for sketchfab viewer... Plus only the TRS animations worked... Kind of... So it looks like i am going to have to either study up on the GLTF Animation Format or serialized native Unity Animation Meta Data and handle that Animation Meta Data in the Parser... Bummer :(


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