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How to manual render game object without using stage?

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hi everyone, i want to manual render game object without using stage. In basic example, i didnt add bunn sprite into stage, and add render call in update (app.renderer.render(bunny)), but nothing show :(. 

here is my try:

thanks you all

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Because Pixi Application renders Stage just after update and it hides your bunny. Look in this article: , everything except "interactionManager" part is true. In your case, you'll have problem with interaction anyway.

As for rendering single elements step-by-step, @finscn is an expert on that. One of his threads: Just search by his name in issues and you'll see enough material to understand that trick. However, i also recommend to read "Application" "WebGLRenderer" and "Container" class sources.


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Thanks for your reply. Here is my next try

1. instead of adding bunny into stage, i use a empty container:

// create a containter to add bunny
var dummyContainer = new PIXI.Container();
// add bunny

2. in update function, i call updateTransform and render manual

// manual update and render

Here is full source code:

It is ok with WebGL, but i still have same problem if application use Canvas render. Do you have any idea about this?


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