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Assest loader improvements

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would like to propose some possible improvements for AssetsManager :)

  1. there are multiple tasks that can be added to manager, but I think would be nice to have general `addTask(task: AbstractAssetTask)`  so custom tasks could be created and added to manager if needed.
  2. right now response in onSuccess  can be just string or ArrayBuffer but I think it would be great to get back request object so there would be more control what to do on success.
  3. minor but I didnt found way to add mime types to loader, but that can be fixed on server side as well, so server always serves files with proper mime type


I came across this when was trying to implement svg file loader task to load svg as document.

Was quick to implement task but could not add it to mananger and it needed request.responseXML so had no acces to it:)

For now used text file tasks and parse string using DomParser.

So what other think about this ?


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