Typescript + pixi + other libraries[BEST WAY]

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In the old days you remember Flash/AS3. There were free Flashdevelop IDE. It was perfect. You use all libraries in flash with perfect auto-completion, perfect debuging and so on.

When flash is old and grumpy now every work with it is stopped of course.

The perfect substituent of AS3 + Flashdevelop IDE we explored is Typescript + PIXI + Webstorm + Typescript namespaces - okay.

But typescript + webstorm are made for angular applications so you understand there is bunch of problems.

We were under pressure and had to create everything fast. Now we have time to explore for the best solution.

Big games/applications can be made of pure javascript and it is trash - our opinion and experience.

Can you tell your opinions, your experience, best practices and so on on Typescript, PIXI , IDE, other libraries and so on ?

Lets make better code! 

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Quick copy-paste from our Tech Stack document. :) Hope this helps, and feel free to ask any questions in the areas, which are of interest. 

JS Libraries

Sound support (web audio, html audio tag fallback)
Tweens (we do not use Greensock/GSAP due to license restrictions)

Dev Tools

  • Our IDE of choice
  • Great typescript support, autocomplete
  • Reasonably good refactoring
  • Free
  • Build texture atlases (spritesheets) from individual sprite PNGs, provided by artist
  • Convert WAV from sound engineer to MP3 sound files (we use MP3 as patents seem to expire around the world, and it is the easiest/widely supported format)

Build Tools

  • Code for our games
  • Our build is based on nodejs
(included with nodejs)
  • Handle dependencies to third-party modules (PIXI, Howler, etc)
  • We develop custom build tools as “npm run” scripts (javascript files, located in tools/build project folder)
  • shelljs provides crossplaform cd, rm, mkdir, etc
webpack 2.0
  • Support ES6 modules
  • Build single minified javascript file from typescript sources and non-JS modules (JSON, images, spritesheets, sounds)
  • However, we DO NOT use webpack for everything. We package static assets, upload to server with shelljs-based build tools. 
  • Our private projects/modules are Mercurial repositories at bitbucket.com [this is for historical reasons, I am not sure 
    there are good reasons not to use git in 2018]
  • Enforce coding style of our choice
putty/pagent (windows)
  • Our upload scripts expect on Windows that SSH keys to our webserver are stored with pagent (in memory)

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Amazing answer! Thanks! After we form our end solution we will put ourselves here I hope!

For the protocol - before 2 years we chose Webstorm cuz that was the only IDE that can debug in browser with the JetBrains chrome extension. It works very beautiful in this way. Now VSCode has plugin for chrome debugging. 

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