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Found 20 results

  1. So, what do you like to write your code in? I have been using Gedit on Linux till now, so I wish to get myself a new text editor, and maybe discover some interesting things.
  2. Hello,guys! In the old days you remember Flash/AS3. There were free Flashdevelop IDE. It was perfect. You use all libraries in flash with perfect auto-completion, perfect debuging and so on. When flash is old and grumpy now every work with it is stopped of course. The perfect substituent of AS3 + Flashdevelop IDE we explored is Typescript + PIXI + Webstorm + Typescript namespaces - okay. But typescript + webstorm are made for angular applications so you understand there is bunch of problems. We were under pressure and had to create everything fast. Now we have time to explore for the best solution. Big games/applications can be made of pure javascript and it is trash - our opinion and experience. Can you tell your opinions, your experience, best practices and so on on Typescript, PIXI , IDE, other libraries and so on ? Lets make better code!
  3. Hello Guys, I am a rookie and trying to learn phaser3. I'm curios if there is any good intellisense, auto-complete support add-on for Atom or VC for phaser 3. Best,
  4. Currently I am using Notepad++ to practice with Babylon.js, but there is no code hint like what Unity's MonoDevelop has. What Babylon.js' IDE should I use to get the code hints? The online visual editor (editor.babylonjs.com) works, but I need an offline visual editor, because I will go to a place with very weak internet connection. I tried the offline visual editor (github.com/BabylonJS/Editor), but it does not work like the online version. Is there other offline visual editor I can use?
  5. I'm using now vscode. I'm find other ide for support babylon.js code assist(like intellisense). if you know the best way for babylon.js development. please, inform. best regards.
  6. Hi, we are happy to announce a new (preview) release of Phaser Editor! There are a lot this time: The so waited MacOS support! Visual prefabs (sprites and groups). Visual editor support for states and preloader states. Some TypeScript support. Assets refactorings (great for larger projects) New Project wizards with more options (like include demo assets or use TypeScript). Updated Phaser Editor demos with prefabs and multi-levels. Git UI integration. And lot of fixes and enhancements. Many of them requested by Phaser Editor users (that's great, so many thanks!) Read the release notes. Arian
  7. Hi! We just released a new Phaser Editor version (1.3.0) Updated to the latest Eclipse version (Neon.1): Performance improvements and much more. Eclipse Marketplace Client: to install third party plugins, like EGit. We are evaluating the typescript plugins developed by the Eclipse community. Automatic Updates: all components of the editor will be updated automatically, including the latest Phaser official version (no Phaser CE support for now) Improved JS Editor: small changes in the JS type inference engine that results in a much better content assist (yet not *perfect*) Bug fixing, performance improvements and *minor* features in the scene editor, asset pack, local HTTP server, project templates and chains. New learning content: we wrote a tutorial in the GameDevAcademy blog, about how to make a platformer game with the visual scene editor. Read more in the release notes For the next release we plan to focus on: Do a research of the available Typescript plugins and write a tutorial about how to install them. Start with the implementation of the P2 Physics tools for the visual level editor. Support Phaser v3 if it is released in the next 3 months. See you soon! Arian (Scene editor: Added two new parameters to the Animations editor) (Scene editor: recovery from missing assets) (Check for Updates) (Eclipse Marketplace)
  8. I was just checking to see if there is anyone else in the babylonjs community that would like to be able to use ALL the design time features (that you can pull useful information for serialization into the native .babylon scene file). Including: --- Built-in babylon javascript and typescript development right in the UnityEditor (Using whatever text editor you have unity configured to use) --- Integrated babylon html game preview window features, including debugging (Thanks to David for creating the original WebServer.cs) --- Node level (camera, light, mesh or simply a game object) metadata including abstract base class BabylonScriptComponent (subclass of monobehaviour) that can be attached as regular unity script components... Just like normal unity scripting, JUST FOR BABYLONJS --- Babylon.Unity.ts ... A babylonjs loader to automatically parse all scene metadata and provide a fully managed 'tickable' scene components --- Plus pretty much ANY UnityEditor design-time features --- General Asset management --- Detailed Scene Level Design --- Fully scriptable prefabs The list goes on. Now i don't know if its just me going nuts over here, playing with all the stuff i can do with Unity as my dedicated babylon js game IDE or if there are others that would like to use that kind of unity game editor features. Or even if the babylon community wants to be associated with that much BabylonJS/Unity integration I have all this code running on my machine (Working great, i might add) but i TOTALLY SUCK at gothic pull request (Note: I still delete and re-fork overtime i want a clean updated babylonjs source download) I am making a short video showing some of the features... Its just that, if I'm the only one who wants to do this kinda stuff, i won't bother wasting my time packing up and making available to the rest of babylonjs community (Once i figure out how to package up my extension kinda like babylon.canvas2d... I would like to make a babylon.unity3d extension that provide all the client side typescript that uses the UnityExport metadata) Also... I add SOOO many features and re-strcutered the /Assets/Plugins/Babylon folder that i don't know if i can just do a pull request to submit back to babylon or if a should just submit as a new 'Exporter/Editor' feature to the github. Anyways... a video coming soon to see what you all think about think of dedicated babylonjs editor using unity (With ALL runtime features disabled... Just editor stuff)... Let me know
  9. Clickteam Fusion and a number of games and source files are now available in a Humble Bundle. This just after GameMaker was in the bundle. I guess Fusion is still a thing? There are so many "game makers" out there it's hard to keep track but this also has an HTML5 export if anyone is interested. https://www.humblebundle.com/clickteam-fusion-bundle
  10. I've downloaded Phaser (which looks awesome!). I've got the test suite running using XAMPP. That's all cool. Now I want to start working on loading Tiled TMX files and doing some other work to get Super Lemonade Factory happening. My question is, what IDE are you using. I can see the the Tests.csproj file and assume it's a Visual C# project, but my copy of Visual C# 2010 gives me this error: "This project cannot be opened. This installation doesn't support this type of file." There's also the Sublime Text project file, but I'm not sure what to do with it. What's your setup for developing?
  11. Hi guys, amazing forums you have here. I have a question on you. What IDE are you using with Phaser that with working javascript autocomplete? I currently have Brackets, which is a nice tool but I cant seem to get autocomplete working. My eye is also upon Intel XDK and Atom, but generaly Im just looking for something that will support javascript autocomplete with Phaser. I know that typescript will have a better autocomplete but i want to learn JS first. Thank you guys in forward.
  12. Hello, Today I released the commercial version of Phaser Editor and opened the source code (MIT) in Bitbucket. Read more.. Best regards, Arian
  13. I'm new to Phaser and JS and looking at online IDEs for my Chromebook. Codenvy looks like a good option for me, in part because I'd also need to get up to speed on Eclipse (which Codenvy is based on). However, it looks like Cloud9 is more popular among Phaser developers, I'm guessing because it has better JS support? E.g., at first glance, it looks like Codenvy doesn't have code completion or breakpoints. Is anyone here developing in Codenvy? I'm curious to hear whether Codenvy is a viable development environment for JS and Phaser and, if so, what steps I should take to optimize development with it.
  14. Hello Phaser friends!, So i'm studying game dev and we only program in AS3 with Flash Develop, so i'm used to an IDE that auto completes everything and helps a lot. Now i downloaded Phaser, Sublime Text 2 and i'm ready to code. I need to know the main differences, for example. how do you extend a class, i'm used to make something like (sorry, it's long) So, i would really appreciate if you can stand out the main points!, i know it's an entire language and framework so i will try to follow more tutorials, but if you can explain the main differences i would really love it. Thanks! package game { import api.CAnim; import api.CBulletManager; import api.CEnemyManager; import api.CGame; import api.CGameObject; import api.CGenericEnemy; import api.CHelper; import api.CKeyPoll; import api.CMath; import api.CMouse; import flash.automation.MouseAutomationAction; import flash.display.MovieClip; import flash.events.KeyboardEvent; import flash.ui.Keyboard; import game.states.CLevelState; import game.states.CLoseState; public class CPlayer extends CGameObject { private var mMC:MovieClip; private var mState:int; private const STATE_STAND:int = 0; private const STATE_FREEZE:int = 2; private const STATE_JUMP_DYING:int = 3; // Lleva el tiempo del estado. En frames. private var mTimeState:int; private var mYFloor:int; private var mAnim:CAnim; private const WALK_SPEED:int = 10; private var mAngle:int = 0; private const ANG_SPEED:int = 5; private const SPEED_BULLET:int = 15; private const MAX_SPEED_SHIP:int = 5; private const INC_SPEED_SHIP:Number = 0.1; private var mSpeed:Number = 0.0; private const FRICTION:Number = 0.95; private const ACCELERATION:Number = 0.03; private var mAccel:Number = 0.0; private const MAX_ACCELERATION:Number = 0.5; public function CPlayer(aRadius:int) { setRadius(aRadius); mMC = new CAssets.SHIP as MovieClip; CGame.inst().getStage().addChild(mMC); mYFloor = 600 - aRadius; mAnim = new CAnim(); setX(400); setY(600 - 40); setFriction(FRICTION); setState(STATE_STAND); } override public function update():void { var enemy:CGenericEnemy; super.update(); mTimeState++; mAnim.update(); if (mState == STATE_STAND) { if (CKeyPoll.firstPress(CKeyPoll.SPACE) || CMouse.firstPress()) { fire(); } // MOUSE //lookAt(CMouse.getMouseX(), CMouse.getMouseY()); // TECLADO if (CKeyPoll.pressed(CKeyPoll.LEFT)) { setAngle(mAngle - ANG_SPEED); } else if (CKeyPoll.pressed(CKeyPoll.RIGHT)) { setAngle(mAngle + ANG_SPEED); } if (CKeyPoll.pressed(CKeyPoll.UP)) { mAccel += ACCELERATION; if (mAccel > MAX_ACCELERATION) { mAccel = MAX_ACCELERATION; } } else { mAccel = 0; } setAccelX(mAccel * Math.cos(CMath.degToRad(mAngle))); setAccelY(mAccel * Math.sin(CMath.degToRad(mAngle))); if (getY() < getRadius()) { setY(getRadius()); setVelY(0); } // Control de borde abajo. if (getY() > mYFloor) { setY(mYFloor); setVelY(0); } enemy = CEnemyManager.inst().collides(this) as CGenericEnemy; if (enemy != null) { hitByEnemy(); // TODO: Matar el enemigo. } } else if (mState == STATE_FREEZE) { if (mTimeState > 30) { setState(STATE_JUMP_DYING); } } else if (mState == STATE_JUMP_DYING) { setAngle(mAngle + 20); if (mTimeState > 60) { setState(STATE_STAND); //setDead(true); } } } override public function render():void { super.render(); mMC.gotoAndStop(mAnim.getCurrentFrame()); mMC.rotation = mAngle; mMC.x = getX(); mMC.y = getY(); } // Funcion invocada cuando un enemigo nos toca. public function hitByEnemy():void { if (mState == STATE_STAND /*|| mState == STATE_WALKING*/) { setState(STATE_FREEZE); } } private function setState(aState:int):void { mState = aState; mTimeState = 0; if (mState == STATE_STAND) { mAnim.init(1, 1, 0); setAngle(0); setX(400); setY(300); setVelX(0); setVelY(0); setAccelX(0); setAccelY(0); } else if (mState == STATE_FREEZE) { mAnim.init(14, 14, 0); setAngle(0); setVelX(0); setVelY(0); setAccelX(0); setAccelY(0); } else if (mState == STATE_JUMP_DYING) { mAnim.init(14, 14, 0); setAngle(0); setVelX(0); setVelY(-10); setAccelX(0); setAccelY(1); } } public function fire():void { var b:CPlayerBullet = new CPlayerBullet(0x000000, 10); b.setX( getX() + getRadius() * Math.cos(CMath.degToRad(mAngle))); b.setY( getY() + getRadius() * Math.sin(CMath.degToRad(mAngle))); b.setVelX( SPEED_BULLET * Math.cos(CMath.degToRad(mAngle))); b.setVelY( SPEED_BULLET * Math.sin(CMath.degToRad(mAngle))); b.setAccelX(0); b.setAccelY(0); b.render(); CBulletManager.inst().add(; } override public function destroy():void { super.destroy(); CHelper.removeDisplayObject(mMC); mMC = null; mAnim.destroy(); mAnim = null; } private function setAngle(aAngle:Number):void { mAngle = CMath.clampDeg(aAngle); } private function getAngle():Number { return mAngle; } private function lookAt(aX:Number, aY:Number):void { var y:Number = CMouse.getMouseY() - getY(); // cat. op. var x:Number = CMouse.getMouseX() - getX(); // cat. ady. setAngle(CMath.radToDeg(Math.atan2(y, x))); } }}
  15. Hey there! First let me introduce myself. My name is Fernando, I am a long time Flash game developer who is one of the maintainers of Flixel Community. I've being willing to try Phaser for a while, but I think my start with it will be in an unusual way. A few months ago I started working on a project called Codebot, an IDE focused on gamedev. Recently I shifted its development to make it available in the cloud, so Phaser became a perfect match for that endeavor. I am planning to add a project template related to Phaser, so anyone can easily open a new tab in the browser, create a project and have a Phaser game up and running in seconds. Combining it with the features I am adding to the IDE, such as drag and drop to upload files, in-IDE assets finder, custom build and in-browser testing, I think Codebot can help the Phaser community, easing the entrance barrier for newcomers especially. Since no configuration is required, it will be a lot easier to try Phaser, all in the browser. I would like your feedback on that. Do you think it is a good idea? Here is an image of the IDE at the moment (follow the development here):
  16. Hi guise, I have been working on my own game making software for the past year or so. I plan on using to make games in the future. I'll just get to the point of this thread. I want to share this with yall and maybe get some feedback. It's called BlankE IDE. LINK--> Blankeide.co.nr Selecting an option from the build menu will make an EXE for windows or a ZIP that's ready to upload to CocoonJS. It uses PhaserJS. You can edit the code using your favorite code editor (Sublime Text, Notepad++, notepad...) When testing your game, it runs a local server that updates whenever you click "Run game" In "IDE Settings" you can change the color of the background, grid, and text (make it look nice lol) Has a WYSIWYG scene editor. I'm hoping this software will be of use to someone. Here's a LINK to a demo video Here's a sample screenshot:
  17. READ THIS ON OUR WEBSITE We want to make the simplest user interface that will at the same time provide a huge control over your project! PinkJS covers everything from the image control to the source code editing! Features:Fast renderingTrue multi-platformMulti-touch interactivitywebGL Filters (Shaders)Tinting and Blend ModesSprite Sheet SupportFull scene graphAsset loaderRenderer auto-detectText supportSpace, Body, all types of shapes, all types of joints, collision detection callbacksEasy APIGreat game logic systemGreat UIAlso thanks to pixi.js and chipmunk.js for making this engine even better Screenshot: Pre-Order for only $100 $25Get Alpha, Beta and Stable accessGet PinkJS at great priceSkype support with developersSupport development of PinkJSAnd more…
  18. Is a local web server like cloud9 necessary to code in phaser? I heard about it recently but up until now i have simply been opening the canvas on my web browser and everything has been working fine. I dont use anything like cloud9 to run my code and havent had any problems. But even the phaser setup talks about downloading a local web server. So ultimately im confused, do we really need one, and if so why. I dont seem to have any problems just coding and opening it in my browser.
  19. I downloaded Brackets and opened my files in it, but once I open the html file the canvas is all black and two errors come up. These are, error 1: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request) and error 2: Failed to execute 'postMessage' on 'DOMWindow': The target origin provided ('http://127') does not match the recipient window's origin ('http://127'). *note: I took out some of the numbers in the brackets of the second error since it displays personal data regarding the server. Thanks for any help
  20. Hi all, Is there any way to set up a Phaser environment in a free ide so that the ide gives method parameters and descriptions? -Thanks
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