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melonJS 6.1.0 release

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Hi fellow melon lovers :)

Here is a 6.1.0 version, beside others small improvements, this version focus mainly on the issue(s) raised with the 6.0.0 version around Linux and our WebGL Renderer (as you can read it here). 

Download link  :


Full changelog :

  • Audio : latest audio core update (2.0.15)
  • Core : new linux detection flag under me.device
  • Renderer : now systematically warn when using non POT texture in both Canvas and WebGL mode
  • Sprite : new function to allow reversing a given or current animation
  • TMX : support for the Tiled 1.2 beta JSON property format (backward compatible with previous 1.1 version)
  • CanvasRenderer : fix drawImage sub-pixel rendering in Canvas mode when using the short notation (2 or 4 parameters)
  • WebGLRenderer : only throw an exception (e.g. stop execution) when using repeat/wrap mode with a non POT texture
  • WebGLRenderer : properly fallback to Canvas mode in AUTO and WEBGL mode when failing at creating a valid WebGL Context


Also, there are no API breaking changes, so purely a "drop-in" replacement !


-- the melonJS Team

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