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Wizard Shield - Magic/Physics Based FPS

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Wizard Shield is a multiplayer first person shooter inspired by Magic Carpet and Magicka.

At this point there are two classes: Stone Shot which is like a shot gunner and Power Stars which is sort of like a machine gunner.

My objective is to create a game centred around building/casting spells dynamically to overcoming environmental puzzles and combat other players.

It’s currently only tested on Chrome. I believe clicks don’t register on FF.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas on the gameplay. I know there’s a lot to do but but I'm just focusing on making the gameplay good for now.


Next things I want to add:

- Players hands in and animated when throwing and casting spells.

- A number of elements that can be combined together, for example stone and fire to create a fireball.


Issue I’m having:

The map is so terrible because most shapes I create in blender and than export don’t work without glitches. Once I export for BabylonJS, the camera can partially pass through them and physics objects may or may not collide properly. So I’ve been coping by copy-pasting the few wall shapes I have that work.


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Some feedback:

Movement is quite slow and the crosshair is really big

I like the concept. It reminds me a bit of Devil Daggers, which was a lite singleplayer game that did this concept with extreme style and precision

Maybe look at some of the older arena shooters for movement/speed/bounce "feel"

I like it.

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