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Performance optimization: GPU instances vs clones

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I have another question that may lend itself to being a handy search result for future users. I would like to know about the performance differences between the stated mesh rendering techniques, and whether or not it is worth it for certain situations.

TL;DR: What is the performance difference between GPU instances and Mesh clones? Do mesh clones have a noticeable performance increase over standard individual mesh creation?

My individual situation is thus: I have a series of blocks the user can walk on and place at will, that upon placement will never scale, rotate, or move. However, ideally they should be easy to individually destroy and the user should be able to change their color. The latter seemingly invalidates GPU instances, and the former makes batching appear less reasonable. The only other performance option I've found is cloning, which is listed as an alternative to GPU instances on the optimization pages, but doesn't say much beyond that. Is it worth it performance-wise to switch to Mesh.clone, or should I instead just go with single instances as I did previously? Any specific suggestions for performance on my situation in general?

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