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Detect click in children container

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Can anyone tell me please what the best way to hide a "BETTING CONFIGURATION" container by clicking anywhere on the screen other than that container? Actually i'm detecting the mouse coordinates and comparing with the window / container coordinates, but it's good practice?


public static isColliding(mouse: any, object: any): boolean {
	return !(mouse.x < object.x || mouse.x > (object.x + object.width) || mouse.y < object.y || mouse.y > (object.y + object.height));

this.baseContainer.interactive = true;
this.baseContainer.addListener('pointerdown', () => {
	if (Utils.isColliding(this.mouseCoord, betConfigUI)) {
		console.log('you are in window space');
	} else {
		console.log('you are not in the window space');




Thanks in advance!

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