Any French, Spanish, Italian people here? Need one sentence translated :)

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Hey everybody!

tl;dr -> Please translate the sentence "Hold button for 3 seconds" into french, italian and spanish, THANKS ALOT!

I develop an app for children and there is a safety feature that the children are not able to get into the settings.
So when they press the settings button, a countdown will start.
But as some adult people also do not understand that, I implemented an infobox to give a hint when somebody hits the settings button too shortly several times.
Now I need the label translated into it, fr and es.

"Hold button for 3 seconds"



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Muchas Gracias and Merci beaucoup!!!

Just a question regarding your translations:

Would it be ok to leave the "el" / "le" out? Just like in the english sentence where I think it´s ok to write "Hold button for 3 seconds" instead of "Hold the button for 3 seconds" ?

Just want it to be as short as possible ;)

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