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waterMaterial problem

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Hello everyone,

I have a strange problem with waterMaterial in my scene, its hard to reproduce it in a playground so here are images :


The problem is that the reflection  part of the water becomes suddenly opaque. The ground becomes no more visible at some frontier (along x axis on this image).
I made a video to make it more clear, focus on the transparency of the water :


I don't know how to fix this 😕 Any idea ?

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@Deltakosh Thx for looking at it

I've tried to set waterMaterial.fresnelSeparate to false but I can't notice a difference 😕

I could notice that the more the camera is high, the more the "limit" seems to move away... Somehow I need the camera to stay at low altitude in my scene 😕
It's hard to describe so I set up a page to display wheat I mean :
If you just move back and forth, you'll notice it

Is there a way to fix this ?
Or what's the right way to handle water ?

Any advice is welcome ^=^

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Hello again @Deltakosh ^_^

If I may insist one last time, I finally came across the "problem".

In the official demo from the water doc, the water mesh is created with BABYLON.Mesh.CreateGround() ans is perfectly correct :

But if the water mesh is created with BABYLON.Mesh.CreatePlane() it's different :

I accidentally noticed that, thus my problem is solved ! But I still wonder why the result is not the same ?

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