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I was wondering if there's a way to define a clickable area on the screen without using buttons or sprites. Or to create this effect I would need to create an invisible sprite or something like that?



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Define your regions as rectangles and test if a point (your mouse or finger(s) ) is inside that region.

//define you regionvar topLeftQuarter = new Phaser.Rectangle(0,0,game.width/2,game.height/2)//listen for pointersgame.input.onDown.add(handlePointerDown)//handle a touch/clickhandlePointerDown = function(pointer){    //this is the test, contains test for a point belonging to a rect definition    var inside = topLeftQuarter.contains(pointer.x,pointer.y)    //do whatever with the result    console.log('pointer is inside region top left quarter', inside)} 

Have fun!

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