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Hello there!

This is my first game with the Phaser framework, also the first game i released in public.


I'm trying to work with the mindset of http://www.onegameamonth.com/ .

The reason is that i always try to make games, spending all my time changing and adding new things and the result was me being bored with the game and never completing it.


Now, i  was "forced" to finish the game and it worked much better than before!

I know this is a bad game, not much content, bad art, But hey! I'm still learning!


The game is a simple space shooter (What an awesome game title! Right? ) 

Your ship follows the mouse pointer and shoots automatically when an enemy is seen.

Take the " ? " boxes for power ups!

You can upgrade your weapon in the shop with the credits you earn each fight!

Stay alive long enough to fight the boss!


You can play it here:




You can find the source code here: 




Any comment,suggestion, improvement or bug report is welcome!

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Congrats for the first release! Nice shmup there, it already cover most of the shmup features.

My feedback:

- Explosion animation should move with the same speed as the enemy ship (they don't stuck in the space since your ship is moving)

- The credit system is a bit useless since they can only be used to buy new ship, but they are not available until after you grind through the games for 20+ times. It really not fun for player (the target is too far to reach). I suggest adding various smaller item that user can upgrade/bought in the Shop screen.


Keep more of them coming :)

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