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I'm searching for a free hoster of a small HTML 5 game with node.js backend. Websockets support is required for the multiplayer part. I already checked out Nodester and it seems pretty cool, but I was wondering whether there are any alternatives.


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I checked outcloud and I saw the pricing. That's absolutley exorbitant.

I would pay $69/Month for a "NodeJS stack" with 512Mo RAM. Is there a major difference with a classic VPS which explains the price ?

I mean, for the same or a slightly higher price, I can get a VPS with 8Go RAM.

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Heroku does support nodejs




That's an excellent question. It does seem a little pricey after reading their pricing FAQ



Most of the time the reason is due to the infrastructure that's required for cloud hosting. If you say you want 512mb of ram, they have to make sure that all the other nodes that your site could run or fallback on are also capable of having that much ram free. This also takes value away from their other customers and available nodes; this is what your paying for. Now with VPS, so you don't have to pay for the overhead (other servers on the cloud - there is no cloud).


If you want stability, ability to scale, and you're not sure how much traffic you could have, you should utilize cloud hosting. If you want predictable billing and have a preconceived idea of how big your app could be and how much traffic it could have, go with VPS. It's up to you and your app requirements really.

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I've tried appfog today with an application we are currently developing in-house and was blown away how easy the deployment worked. I will definitely take a closer look to that service in the future, thanks Dids! :)

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