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Found 1 result

  1. I have a problem in plotting points when trying to create WALLS. The problem in dissection : - I have 4 points in XOZ plane That I want them to produce 4 walls, as each 2 points are a line and I want each line to become a wall by computing the other 2 points of the wall. I assume the height of the wall (3 meters, for example). This wall might contain holes later (Doors & Windows). Finally I need an enclosed room. I want to create these walls without importing from blender, I get those points from elsewhere. Here is the steps, I use to solve the problem: 1) I split the array into 4 lines. Each line contains 2 points. 2) I have to compute the 2 other points for each line. and here is the problem. I used the dimension Y which is wrong when using ExtrudedPolygon Object. So I have to work in the same XOZ plane and rotate. Here I face other problems like How to calculate the angle of rotation? plus the way of computing the 2 other points will be through having 2 data : The length of the wall (3 meter for example) and the angle which is also a variable that depends on the slope of our line. Here is a sample of my try: You can find that in the last loop, I create a wall but with points that contain a Y dimension, which resulted in corrupted shape, But I hope to avoid the suffering of Computing the other 2 points in the same XOZ plane which enforces me to respect the slope of the line and so on as I illustrated in the second point. If you have any alternative ideas, I welcome that. Thanks in advance.