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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys, I'm new to game development but I have some background on HTML/CSS/JS that's why I found Phaser perfect for me. So far I'm really loving it but can't understand some basic game logics. For example: What is the best way to build platforms? I was reading about groups but not sure is it the right way to do it. Let's just say that I have sprite and I want to build specific pattern. So far I tried : Every platform is diffrent sprite Using single tile to build platforms Also is there any books or other sources for information about game logics and good practices? Thank you and sorry for my bad English
  2. Hi guys! So this is probably an easy question to answer, but everything I tried so far broke my code. So I am using states MMM.MainGame = function(game){ } MMM.MainGame.prototype = { create: function() { .... }; The issue that I am having is that I will not have that many states, besides booting, preloading, and the actual game, so my main game file is already getting pretty big with 100 lines alone for zooming in and out. Is there a way to export these functions somehow to external js files and put them together in the MainGame.prototype? Something like extends? I need some good practice advice here, because my main file will otherwise easily become thousands of lines and just one messy hell.