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Found 1 result

  1. Long list... trying to fully wrap my head around all this stuff... If I'm wrong on anything feel free to correct me. You won't hurt my feelings. I'm just trying to learn as I go. Octree: scene.createOrUpdateSelectionOctree(); If I put this in my load script anywhere, all the models disappear. It's basically just a black scene. When should this be called in the script, and can anyone give me a very basic overview of how and where to work with the octrees... scene.executeWhenReady?, engine.runRenderLoop?... How do you work with them in real time. FBX / Bones / Animations: If I use the online FBX converter, it doesn't seem to have my bones or animations. Do bones need to be separate files from the meshes and then joined within Babylon? Either my FBX is being exported wrong from 3DS Max 2013, or the converter isn't exporting it correctly, bones cannot be combined into one object, or I'm not setting it up right. BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "../Models/Monsters/", "BGoblin_1.babylon", scene,function (mapZone, particleSystems){ mapZone[0].scaling = new BABYLON.Vector3(0.005, 0.005, 0.005); mapZone[0].rotation = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, -3.141593, 0.000000); mapZone[0].position = new BABYLON.Vector3(-106.345, 4.32, -13.905); scene.beginAnimation(mapZone[0], 0, 296, true);});Zip file attached with FBX, and *.babylon file. Converted here: Another weird thing... if I open my FXB in 3DS Max after I save it, only 100 of my 296 or so key frames seem to still be on the model... any ideas on this one? Packages: What's going to be the best way to handle multiple packages. For example, my game is going to have 20~30 maps, and stitch a few of them together by view range and user's machine capabilities. The main town alone has like 600,000 vertices not counting NPCs, collision meshes, etc. So ideally I don't want to have to pack 30 maps worth of objects into a single blender / 3DS Max file. What's going to be the best way to handle this huge number of files. I've tried loading a few things with BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh but once it's loaded, I have no clue how to access the loaded meshes any longer. objName = scene.getMeshByName("Rag2_bro_mtree_a_04"); throws a null object. There will be way too many items to be able to work with them all in a single 3D editor package. This also brings me into LOD situations where I will for sure need to switch out lower resolution models. This isn't possible if there's no way to call back into the list of loaded models and set visibility etc. Maybe there's something I'm missing, or don't know about... If there was a way to chain the loading of multiple *.babylon packages through a single BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load() call, then I assume that you would be able to manipulate them dynamically in the render loop. Maybe have some kind of function that you can push multiple *.babylon files into a single temp file to load? Then you can load as much stuff as you want up at once.. var fullScene = addPackage(fullScene, "package1.babylon");var fullScene = addPackage(fullScene, "package2.babylon");var fullScene = addPackage(fullScene, "package3.babylon");function addPackage(loaded_packages, package_to_add){ if loaded_packages is a valid babylon file format, then add the package_to_add to the end of loaded_packages return loaded_packages;}