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Found 1 result

  1. Hello there again, I hope I do not make to much confusion in all this great frameworks but as I try to progress with it I found another things I not sure how I need deal with. Live example: http://hw3web.co.uk/web/babylon/cube_smooth/ 1) Scale - is any chance to see how big is model in unites not in scaling as you can see in blender screen size is 3 meters but scaling is 1, so if anyone want to keep zoom camera depend of size of object will be impossible dealing just with scale as it not really show size of element. As meshs are Arrays of points we could check min and max position on x , y and z axis and that could indicate size depending of scale of model, I thought it will be good to have it implement in framework it self. So is it will be properties of model telling of physical size of element in future version of Babylon ? 2) Smooth - as on picture I create cube'ish model half smooth half flat shading in Blender, is any chance to keep this in exporter as this mesh could be different then material subMashs 3) Pick - as it should be game Framework how to make pick, select script, I did try scene.getMeshByID('Cube').on('click',function(){}); but didn't really work. So how I can create handlers for models or any other elements on scene. 4) is any chance to do multiview from this same scene like three.js did in this example ? : http://threejs.org/examples/webgl_multiple_views.html Thank you again
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