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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, html5 freaks I trying to make idle game using pixijs, but when I put animated sprite that is 1024x512 in size it freeze game short time. From profiler I saw that texImage2d took 180ms and from that 104ms was imageDecode. I read somewhere to preload the animations before hand and just make them visible when needed, but it didn't work and same texImage2d happend. How I can prevent that other than downscaling the sprite? Also is there possibility to do that in webworker? I read somewhere that pixi is starting to be capable of rendering on webworker. Cheers, Jakub
  2. I am trying to replace a texture atlas of the animated sprite with another one, and play it. On every click I first fetch the texture atlas image from server. Than I make periodic checks if there is any animation still running. Once there is no animation running, I replace animatedSprite.textures with the new on and upload that texture atlas to the gpu. After it is uploaded, I set canRunNext to true, signaling, that everything is uploaded and ready to go. The issue is that app.renderer.plugins.prepare.upload uploads every second texture, for reasons unknown to me. Now this could be
  3. Hello I would like to know if there's any technique or method to use an animated sprite as a mask. It seems as though you can mask an object with an animated sprite but you loose the animation ability there for end up with a sprite. Any ideas? Thanks
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