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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, html5 freaks I trying to make idle game using pixijs, but when I put animated sprite that is 1024x512 in size it freeze game short time. From profiler I saw that texImage2d took 180ms and from that 104ms was imageDecode. I read somewhere to preload the animations before hand and just make them visible when needed, but it didn't work and same texImage2d happend. How I can prevent that other than downscaling the sprite? Also is there possibility to do that in webworker? I read somewhere that pixi is starting to be capable of rendering on webworker. Cheers, Jakub
  2. Hello everyone! I have a big map with a tilesprite in the background (repeating mountains). When I want to hide them, the first time I do background.alpha = 0, I notice a huge stutter. I can go back to alpha = 1 and alpha = 0 as much as I want later on, no issue. Only the first alpha = 0 causes the game to lag terribly. I have tried with visible, renderable, exists etc. : same result! I have also tried to create a tilesprite with different frames and switch between them, but the impact on performance was dreadful (lost 50FPS!). How could I avoid that? What's the cause of this s
  3. I'm doing a small animation test, and even the simplest animation seems to stutter? What am I doing wrong? Have a look here: http://christianlaumark.dk/Portfolio3/test2.html //Avatars var Container = PIXI.Container, loader = PIXI.loader, Rectangle = PIXI.Rectangle, Graphics = PIXI.Graphics, Sprite = PIXI.Sprite, resources = PIXI.loader.resources; //Setting the stage var stage = new Container(); var myView = document.getElementById('main'); var renderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(window.innerWidth,window.innerHeight,myView); renderer.view.className = "rend
  4. I've just ported the key bit of a game I'm working on from HaxePunk to Phaser and am having a problem. As my main sprite moves it stutters, judders and in general does not move with the silky smooth motion I am expecting. You can have a look at it in action here: http://www.mountainstorm.co.uk/test/ZD/ I've tried both Chrome and Safari on OSX and both seem to have the same issue. I've also tried commenting out more the code (so it just moves the sprite at a programmed constant rate) and it's still not smooth. I've also tried playing around with calculating the motion based on
  5. Hey everyone, first of all - thanks for PhaserJS. It's awesome and I love working with it. I'm working on a game called rocklegend - which is available here: http://rocklegend.org - currently to see the game you have to login. I created a user account for you guys to test: Username and password: phaserjs I optimized a few things such as the notes (only drawing a fixed amount of notes at the same time, so I have 20 notes and reuse these objects)... But currently I can't find out why the game still feels laggy sometimes. The notes are positioned within a Group Container and the contai
  6. Hello everyone, I've been having issues the last couple of days, because the arcade physics seem to be working unreliably in firefox. I have had no problems and no failures with it in Chrome. In firefox every now and then the game lags (more of a stutter, very short freeze) and the arcade-physic collision detection fails. I can walk through walls, fall through the ground and jump through ceilings. Looking at the framerate reveals a small drop in framerate whenever this happens. I also noticed that in Chrome the framerate stays more stable and the problem never happened so far. Looking th
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