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Found 2 results

  1. Hi folks! As some of you know my html5 business has not been going very well. After much thought and consideration I arrived at the conclusion that I do like making games too much so I won't quit this path. But I'm making some drastic changes to my whole (nonexistent) marketing/monetization approach and some changes to usability/UI/features and such. I've started a blog documenting my whole approach: And that's about it - we'll see where this goes.
  2. Hi all, This is a bit of a general question... Imagine that you have one game/application of sorts, like this: one main menu with access to 9 different areas; each of those 9 areas has from 1 up to 4 different "games", with up to 4 difficulty levels (each with its own main image, instructions and so on); Any of those games can be started by choosing 1 of 19 possible "keys"; ... I'm passing the keys (that control images and so on) in a .json file and using localStorage to keep the player choices and direct it to the proper place. My big question right now is: should I look at the 9 areas with different levels as being each a state inside a main project or should each be its own little project accessed by the main one? For example, main State (with Boot, Preload, ...) just for showing loader and main menu (plus help and so on) and have something like area01_game01_level01 state; area01_game01_level02 state, area01_game02_level01 state,..., area09_game01_level01; OR main, boot, preload... states and after the player choices are entered, again a main, boot, preload, etc... What's easier to maintain and more logical? Pros and cons... And why? Thanks in advance for all your ideas! Ps - For the record I already have it running in a mix of phaser and plain JS (some games) but each has its own folder and there are BIG folders for html, js, etc...I just want to improve it and make it cleaner!