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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, long time no see! So i'v ran to an issue where i'm trying to attach meshes to bones from another import. I'v this torso which is built from 2 meshes and this torso assembly holds the skeleton. Then i'v another model and when i'm trying to place the import directly to head bone for example the model flips around Z axis and goes somewhere it doesn't really belong. I'v attached an image which hopefully explains more than my english does What i'm doing wrong? any ideas? - best regards, eljuko
  2. Hi, guys! I have some problem. I am using function attachToBone for attaching a pistol to a hand of my game character. Sometimes if I change a character animations between shot and idle, pistol detaches from bone like on video. I think this is becouse in one moment a bone with pistol dos't animate, when an animation changes. But it is happens not always, often at low fps. And in old version of babylon 2.4 all works fine. But in version 2.5 it problem is appeared. Thanks for any considerations and ideas about it is problem. And it is problem if you ask me share on playground, this projects have many codes and models and other materials I shot the video
  3. Two questions I would like to ask for this great library. Here is a scene I made with 3ds max, I used biped and exported as animation, 1. The model world position changes on this animation. I noticed that skeletonViewer is not following the animation position, is this correct or I missed something? 2. I used attachToBone to attach a box on the head, how to affect only the position and rotation but not scale on this box? Thanks any one who knows the above
  4. Hello! In begin I want to apologize for my English. I am using mesh.attachToBone for mount my pistol with character hand. All works fine. But when I am using bone.updateMatrix for rotate character torso var mat = this.torso.getLocalMatrix(); mat = mat.multiply(BABYLON.Matrix.RotationX(r)); this.torso.updateMatrix(mat); Torso rotates correctly, but my pistol still in place. On left screen you can see how work pistol.attachToBone, on right screen it is when I am changed torso rotation, but pistol did not move.
  5. A few days back, dad72 posted a little piece of useful code for attaching an object to a specific bone. So I thought I would try it out. Sword It works, in the sense that I can add/ remove the "sword" (just a long thin cube) to a hand bone. BUT ... Try this: 1. Check out the sword without clicking on it - appears like a normal elongated cube. 2. Click on the sword - it attaches to the hand - but examine the sword now (without clicking on it) and the normals seem to be flipped. 3. Click on the sword - it detaches from the hand and returns to its original position - and the normals are back as they should be. Anybody, any idea what is going on? (Everything comes from Blender, I made sure that the normals are facing outside before exporting.) cheers, gryff