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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, I think it has been almost a year since the last challenge. The Babylon challenge is back! For the new guys - I used to post a monthly challenge focused on a specific topic every time. The winner would get amazing prizes such as respect from the community, free access to the documentation website, or the secret cheat codes for the sponza demo. And also beer, if you are ever in Berlin! There is a single change to the rules - the challenge will span 2 months and a half instead of one. Other than that, the regular rules apply: Code must be original! Don't copy and paste someone else's code. You can use external resources. The game must be playable. No static animations when pressing a mouse key. As we are celebrating 2.5, Babylon.js 2.5 must be used. Extra points for open-sourcing your code! The 2.5 challenge: Very influenced from the (amazing!!) new demos that were created in the ISART School ( for example, @Temechon can explain everything much better than me), we will create games! Multiplayer games. Simple multiplayer games! The game's theme doesn't matter. It also doesn't matter if it is roles-based or real-time. Also, no one expects you to be master of websockets. You can work alone, or in teams. You can take an existing game and make it multi-player. Do whatever you want! If you need deployment tips, help with development, financial aid, french lessons, dev-env suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me! (I don't speak french, but I know a few others that do ) You guys have time until the 28th of February! Which is a long time. Prizes: The winner(s) will get a Babylon.js t-shirt! And honor and glory. For the rest of the participants - I will need to see what's possible. Oh, and since this is self-financed, please be considerate to the amount of people in a team I hope to see a lot of activity! I will do my best to actually participate in this challenge (I have participated in all challenges until now), but it will be great if we will have at least 4 submissions! Party on! Examples of previous challenges: