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Found 2 results

  1. I am having trouble with my shadows. Everything that receives shadows but is not occluded is covered with what I think is elsewhere referred to as "shadow acne". 1 blender exported ESM shadows do not work at all. Why? Are they for a later version of Babylon? 2 I am not clear on how the shadows are being mapped. My first approach was to try to minimize field of illumination to increase the apparent resolution by pointing spot lights at my model and setting the camera clipping plane (which apparently is mapped in the blender exporter to the shadowMinZ/MaxZ) to conservative levels.
  2. Hi guys, trying to wrap my head around how shadows are working inside of BJS, and have a few questions. First off, I have this scene here: http://client.elementxcreative.com/public/bjs/fog_test/index.html You can move around the scene with the mouse/arrow keys. You can see the shadows looked a bit jacked up. Not only are the shadows low rez looking (despite having the resolution cranked up in BJS) but there is weird self shadowing on the objects themselves? Attached below is an image of the scene I'm exporting from Unity, what I'm expecting shadows to look closer to. It's just a
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