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Found 1 result

  1. I have been trying to set up a chain of tweens for hours, without results. This is what I want to accomplish: Target is a group, located above the world Tween 1 Arrive: group comes down into x:48, y:96, then Tween 2 Swing: group starts moving back and forth (yoyo) between initial x value and given x value. Tween 3 Creep: In Tween2's onLoop.add a tween is called to move the group in y axis When stage ends, the group must go back its initial position, and its children sprites recreated, so in a restart function I stop Swing tween and to its onComplete add: Tween 4 Go back: group goes back to y, a large negative number which hides it again, on its onComplete I add a call to the function which will create Arrive, Swing and Creep tweens. The problem I'm facing is that in restart, the Swing tween doesn't seem to be stopping even though I call .stop() upon it and everything seems to be executing out of order. Here's the code: Tweens for aliens arriving, swinging and inching downward: //Aliens arrive! this.aliens.x = 96; this.movDat.ay = -(; this.aliens.y = this.movDat.ay; this.movDat.aliensSwing = new Phaser.Tween(this.aliens,this,this.tweens);{x:256},2000,Phaser.Easing.Linear.None,false,0,-1,true); this.movDat.aliensSwing.onLoop.add(function(){ this.movDat.ay+=10; this.add.tween(this.aliens).to({y:this.movDat.ay},2000,Phaser.Easing.Linear.None,true,0); console.log('swung!! moving to y:'+this.movDat.ay); }, this); this.movDat.aliensArrive = new Phaser.Tween(this.aliens,this,this.tweens);{x:96, y:48},1000,Phaser.Easing.Cubic.Out,false); this.movDat.aliensArrive.onComplete.addOnce(function(){ console.log('arrived!! swinging from x:'+this.aliens.x+' y:'+this.aliens.y); this.movDat.ay=48; this.movDat.aliensSwing.start(); },this); this.movDat.aliensArrive.start(); Code in level restart function to tween aliens offscreen, and call the fn with code above: console.log('aliens going back...'); this.movDat.aliensSwing.stop(true); this.movDat.aliensSwing.onComplete.addOnce(function(){ this.movDat.aliensGoBack = new Phaser.Tween(this.aliens,this,this.tweens);{y:-400},1000,Phaser.Easing.Linear.None,false);console.log('no more swinging...'+this.movDat.aliensSwing.isRunning); this.movDat.aliensGoBack.onComplete.addOnce(function(){console.log('aliens gone back'); this.aliens.removeAll(); this.createAliens();},this); this.movDat.aliensGoBack.start(); },this); I've had to already shelve another game because I haven't been able to understand the tween system. Any help is appreciated.