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Found 3 results

  1. Hello All, I have a very serious problem right now, and hope it can be solved. I have 2 scenes; one loads incorrectly, but the model does load. The 2nd scene however does not load, and in both scenes I'm setting a ClearColor for the background just as a test to see what is working, and neither scene loads the skybox or ClearColor background. The 2 links are: The model in the first link loads, but the skybox does not, nor does the ClearColor background color. In the second link however, which is index6.html, the code is virtually the same as in index5.html, yet the model does not load and the skybox and ClearColor background won't load in either. I have a presentation at 12pm PST time which is in California, and must get both models to load to keep the project going. Otherwise, it will be put to a stop, and I don't then know the future of WegGL at Sony - as this should work. The way the code is written is not what I would normally write, however, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible - so the index.html contains all scripting, and most all assets are in the root directory. However, I placed the skybox images in a separate folder to see if this might provide me with additional information to use to troubleshoot. So again, this is not how I would ever actually write a scene, but I needed to keep it extremely simple. I've tried many different methods to format this, but the results are the same. If anyone out there can help, this is a win or lose situation for me. If I don't demonstrate the models in the browser tomorrow, then the future is unknown, and I will have lost all faith in my guarantee that babylon.js is the solution for Sony. So please help if you are able and have time, and I'm always grateful for any help. @Deltakosh, @davrous, and your teams might be able to see what's happening right away. I know there are issues with the way I'm loading assets, but again, this is just for testing. If I can get this working, then I'll re-write it before the presentation tomorrow. I just hope that I hve the opportunity to solve this one, as everything rides on this - especially after I lost my house to the fires - so I have to make this work. There's nothing more important for me personally right now. Again, thank you all for taking a look. Thanks, DB I've attached some additional files so perhaps @JCPalmer might be able to see what the problem is - or anyone who has time to look at the Blender and the .babylon.js files. Unfortunately, the files are too large and past the limit, so all there is to look at currently are the files you can download from the site and console. I've never needed help as much as I do right now. Everything is riding on this, unfortunately. By the way, both scenes were built quickly in Maya, and exported exactly the same from Blender. Thanks - as always. I can provide any files anyone might request in the morning as I'll be up really early to see if anyone has found any issues other than the obvious. I'll also keep working until the last minute, as I can't fail on this one. That is not an option. Cheers... DB
  2. Hi, I can't figure out how to set the clear color of my scene when I set my camera to VR rig mode. The clear color seems to be black but in my point of view it's only a layer under my clear color. Here is a PG to see my issue : You can toggle rig mode by pressing 'T' on your keyboard. By default the clear color is transparent. You can change the clear color to see what happens. Thanks,
  3. Hi, I don't exactly know how the _gl.clear function works, but I would like that each frame to be redrawn ontop the former one on a transparent background. This would make each moving mesh let some kind of trace on the screen. What I did : Look at the line 4, I just set a clear color as a Color4 with an alpha value lower than 1. Now, I set the scene autoClear property to false : Well, something happens, but not what I expected ... Does someone know how to achieve what I wanted then ? and could someone also explain what happened in this PG ?