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Found 1 result

  1. UPDATE: Phaser is throwing an error since version 3.14 for: datasource of undefined By setting the pipeline for lighting. (Normalmap is also defined and loaded) This worked before. Now I try to find out what changed and what has to be changed.. but that's quite hard despite a real API version changelog. Has anyone a clue? Bug on GitHub: Also the example breaks:\game objects\lights\dynamic tilemap layer.js //layer_ground is a dynamicTilemaplayer reference layer_ground.setPipeline('Light2D'); Help! by updating to phaser 3.14 my games are broken. EDIT: I set the dynamic tilemap code to a string ('tilemap') instead of referring to their variable. But then the tilemap simply does not render. It's there anyway. But it seems it cannot find the texture anymore. But referring (as in the code) to the variable for the texture causes the error as described below. my games are breaking and I can't figure out what's exactly wrong. Here is the console output of the non-minified phaser file. (attached) As far as I know, this has something to do with dynamic tilemap layers? phaser14.js:45334 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'dataSource' of undefined How I use them: // tilemap graphic and map are loaded: the graphic is loaded and at the right place = this.make.tilemap({ key: key, tileWidth: TILESIZE, tileHeight: TILESIZE }); const tileset ='tilemap'); // dynamic tilemaps: const layer_clouds =, tileset, 0, 0); this.layer.clouds.add(layer_clouds); layer_clouds.setScale(SCALE); but it worked before, it's hard to find a place where I can track changes of the API on 🤔... maybe I just need the reference, but I can't find one. Thanks in advance for any help!