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Found 2 results

  1. I'm trying to remove sprites and containers from the current app.stage as to add new ones–e.g. change scene. However, both: let i = 0; app.stage.children.forEach(function(child){ app.stage.removeChild(i); i++; }); and app.stage.children.forEach(function(child){ child.destroy(true); }); remove the top level sprites but not the ones in a container?! Very strange. A second trigger of either of the above then removes them but I'd rather not trigger a function twice without working out why it's not working. I'm running pixi.js - v5.2.0
  2. Hey everybody, First of all big thanks to Pixi.js people for the awesome library. I have been using Pixi to develop a simple game and I stumble upon a small bug or I may be doing this wrong. So here is the problem, I got a sprite which contains child's sprites. And I want to destroy it but not the children since I was handling it manually because I need to save the state of each child sprite and then call destroy within them self. So before I calling destroy method I call a custom method on my object, deletingObject.onDestroy(); and then call deletingObject.destroy({ children: false, texture: false, baseTexture: false }); but this still destroys all the child within this object, I'm using as my Pixi version. and I have attached a screen shot from core developer tools. Am I doing the function call wrong or is there something missing. Thanks.