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  1. Hi Folks. I am running into an issue when I am using the WebGLRenderer and the drawing API for the Graphics class. This only seems to manifest with the WebGLRenderer, not the CanvasRenderer. Given an instance of the Graphics class, I run the following code: var g = //instance of pixi.Graphicsg.clear()g.lineStyle(1, 0xffffff) //white lines against a black canvasg.moveTo(0, 0)g.lineTo( width, height ) //my current viewport's dimensionsand the result? Obviously the diagonal line is desired but the arc is not. A few things to note: I have some code to detect the window resize to resize the renderer. Sometimes after a resize the arc artifact is gone, most times however, it is not.The current graphics in this example is nested in a few DisplayObjectContainers (which is the structure of my Viewport class). That structure looks like this:viewport.mainContainer (attached to the stage)viewport.zoomContainerviewport.contentContainer (where the graphics instance resides)using the drawCircle API doesn't create the artifact.Please advise. Thank you.
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