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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to create a handrail, by using extrude with an array of points for the path of the handrail. However, at any turn it appears the shape gets stretched out. For example I just want an even 1x1 block that runs along the path, but when I use extrude it appears the block thins out to be less than 1x1 at the corners. I took a look at the docs and didn't notice anything on how I can prevent this. If there's a better way of accomplishing this, please enlighten me.
  2. Hi everyone, I am using the PolygonMeshBuilder to extrude a 2D shape with holes. However, the `build` function extrudes the shape down by default... but I want it to extrude up .... Is there a way to switch the extrusion direction when building the mesh ? For now I am flipping the mesh manually as I did not found another way. mesh.scaling.y *= -1; mesh.flipFaces(); Here is the playground: Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm new to babylon JS, sorry for silly questions. I follow this tutorial and when i'm extruding my 2D shape along Z axis it looks just fine: When I do it along Y axis (with changed path) result becomes flat: How do I create correct path?
  4. I experimented with a single 3D letter in Blender, then exported to the .babylon format. It was a 214KB file! I then removed the bevel, and that reduced it to 67KB. But the version with bevel is nicer. So, that got me wondering if the bevel is something I can add back in once the model has been loaded? Whether something text-specific, or a more generic algorithm that can smooth out the hard edges in a model? But I suppose what I really want is the Babylon version of the Three.js TextGeometry module: Is there already something like this? (Actually TextGeometry is just a thin layer around ExtrudeGeometry ( ), which would be even more useful, if I could, say, take a png file or the contents of a 2D canvas, and turn it into a 3D bevelled object.)