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Found 2 results

  1. Has anyone done this yet in babylon JS I see a couple of examples but none of the projects I can reference have worked out the camera height in the process or the blending between LOD layers. I am going to start trying to make a working example from the paper but would like to see how others have handled it. I have looked at and but both of these are limited to 2d measurements and because I am going to be doing this on a planetary level with Spherical displacement I need to go a step farther. Also I am wondering how I should handle the frustum calculations because in theory nothing on the backside of the planet will need to be rendered but how do I establish the "zone" is hidden on the other side of the planet?
  2. Is there a way in babylonjs/ts to prevent meshes from falling through a map made with GroundFromHeightMap? meshes's physics seems to work only with flat ground tho the camera's gravity recognize height maps so what am' I missing?, in my searches, I've read that it was not support in Babylonjs, If so I would like to know and perhaps try other libraries tho I'm getting use to this one, which is very intuitive and usually find my own way. since my meshes are floating on water, i guess it could be made with shaders but yet to heavy for my understanding so far, any hint to get me started would be appreciated.