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Found 4 results

  1. I've just published the library called FConsole, which should help pixi.js developers with debugging visual elements (the same as it was with the Flash-Console in Flash). Demo site Features Display List Inspector Hierarchy Properties Editing Any feedback is welcomed!
  2. Is it possible to create a group and configure in such a way that any child with position (0, 0) would be the center of the group instead of its top left corner? As I add bigger sprites to the group and its size increases, things get misaligned. The manual solution seems to involve re-adjusting the positions of the object in the group every time I add/remove something to it, which is kinda ugly.
  3. Hello everyone , as I am trying to develop a Rubik's Cube, I would like to share a mesh to several groups, so that applying a transform on such a group does affects each child of the transformed group. I explain more carefully : let's say that a group P0 (for plate 0) has among its child meshes : the meshes M1 and M3and that another group P1 has among its child meshes the meshes M1 and M3.What I would like is that transforming P0 (or P1) affects the meshes M1 and M3 so that P1 (P0) can "see" the changes. How could I achieve that ? Regards
  4. Hi everybody, I'm new in the forum as well in the html5 game developing. That's my problem: I have a sprite with a handler for the onUp event: mySprite = game.add.sprite(width, height, 'unchecked'); mySprite.inputEnabled = true; mySprite.input.useHandCursor = true; () { //handling... }, this, 0);Some linea above, I have a listener for the game's onUp event game.input.onUp.add(function () { //handling... }, this, 0);I would like to give priority to the sprite's event instead of the game's event. What can I do? Thank you F.