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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I was looking for a Phaser boilerplate, simple, clean to get me started but what I've found on the web was outdated, too complex or didn't do the right thing (at least for me) so I've decided to create my own. The Phaser boilerplate that I've put together comes with: - the latest version of Phaser CE 2.9.4 - TypeScript - Howler.js 2.0.7 (an awesome audio library) - can be removed if one does not need it - Webpack 3.10.0 - ... and few things to get a game up and running in no time Some of the awesome features: There is a integrated TypeScript linter that checks your code for readability, maintainability, and functionality errors (we need to code proper ). The code is watched so any change you make the browser refreshes (unless you have errors in your code). I've added a command to pack your code (minify, uglify, comments removal, console.log removals, etc). The uglify process is only applied on your custom code, not on vendor library so that you won't end up with extra MBs in your final build. The boilerplate is available here: Let me know what you think! Hope it will be useful for the community!
  2. Hi all I've just started on my second prototype for a game, only this time I'm wanting to sort out a few more of the core parts to it first. Audio being the one I'm tackling at the moment. I have a basic setup atm a loader and a few sprites to test. Upon finishing the load (including a music mp3 file) it runs a startGame function which then plays the audio track. I originally tried using the pixi-audio plugin from GitHub, but could not get this one to work at all (does it still work with PixiJsV4?) so moved onto Howler Howler does work, and plays the audio file once loaded. However after trying on my server it seems the loader doesn't fully load the mp3 file before continuing as it starts to play a good 5-10 seconds later after the startGame function has run. Do mp3 files work the same as any other file with the Pixi loader? or could this be an issue with howler that I have missed? Thanks for any advice!
  3. Hi! Has anyone had any success with using soundjs or howler.js in games (or anything else for that matter) with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10? Current project-related testing gives me: soundjs: get a "SoundJS is not currently supported in your browser" for even the most basic usage direct from soundjs's website and no errors when doing my own tests offline or online.howler.js: get a rather funny "not implemented" error in the Edge console pointing to basic Web API code in the library: audioTest = new Audio();I'm still doing some various tests, even going the long route and building AudioContext code by hand, but wanted to get this out there and see what the rest of the community experience is. There are other examples on the net (largely via Microsoft developer websites) that have some audio workingm, so it should not be rocket science. Edit: as an aside, basic HTML5 <audio> tag code like below is not even appearing in Edge (not even the fallback text): <audio controls> <source src="music.mp3" type="audio/mpeg"> Your browser does not support the audio element.</audio>Oh joy!
  4. Hi, Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere on this forum but I couldn't see anything. I'm currently in the middle of building a browser game using HTML5 and am coming across an issue with audio (I know, there's always issues with HTML5 audio! ) I use Howler.js to handle audio sprites that contain numerous sound snippets. Howler seems great at handling the audio on mobile and definitely seems like one of the best ways of getting the consistency across devices. However I have noticed that when on a slow connection, if the user starts the game before the audio is loaded that Howler fails and doesn't play any more audio. I'm guessing this is due to the fact that the long .mp3 sprite hasn't finished loading yet. I know many people have adapted Howler.js to fit their own needs I was wondering if anybody had any good ways of checking that the mp3 is ready to be played before attempting to play it? I know you can use the 'canplaythrough' event but unfortunately this doesn't work with iOS as that requires the audio to load before the user starts interacting with the game and iOS prevents such a behaviour. Unless I'm wrong there but i know when i've tried that it doesn't seem very reliable. If anybody has any hints/tips that there happy to share it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.