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Found 2 results

  1. New Text Document.txt Hi to all, First off, I wish to thank gratefully the creators of this wonderful framework that makes working with 3d on the web very easy and intuitive. I have just started using it and it is all okay; the issue is that I have created some models in blender and exported them to babylon and accessing some of the mesh data yields the "undefined" response. I've opened the file using an editor and see that it's a JSON object with various properties. Some properties can be accessed like these ones: newMesh[0].position or newMesh[0].checkCollisions and so on. Trying to access other properties however yields the "undefined" response, such as: newMesh[0].useFlatShading or newMesh[0].positions or newMesh[0].uvs and so on. Why is this so? What would be the proper way to access all the properties of an imported object from blender? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Gentlement! I have a big problem since I updated Babylon.js v1.9 to v1.12... When I Imported a mesh now, I get this in debuger : I replace all files of the old exporter by the exporter v0.99 in Blender "script" -> "addons" file and remade the mesh export but nothing... What's the ..... !!! Should I make a special handling with Blender ??? Help please!!! Zino
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