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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there, let me give you my problem as visual as possible ( attached file ). It seems like safari / fb in app browser does not use my ScaleManager.RESIZE as requested. I had some issues calling my resize function on oriantation change, so i implemented this: window.onresize = function(event) { them.resize(game.width, game.height); }; And finally added this.resize(game.width, game.height); in the end of my create function. But nothing results the correct view in ios safari / fb in app view. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. I still didn't find any tutorial out there on how to properly implement in app purchases (in my case with android && crosswalk) so this is some sort of tutorial for in app purchases (but it isn't finished yet - that's why i need your help ) i'm using this plugin http://plugins.cordo...ordova.purchase (it seems to be the right choice for this since it's the most used plugin in the database)i added the permissions "com.android.vending.BILLING" to my project settings (this is needed for the google developer console to recognize the apk as "billing enabled" and allow adding an "in-app product")i added the plugin "cc.fovea.cordova.purchase" to my game using intel xdk crosswalk > 3rd party plugins > get plugin from the web (plugin is located in the apache cordova plugin registry) ATTENTION: this doesn't work due to a bug in the current version 3.10.1 where $BILLING_KEY is not properly set you have to download the plugin from the git repo : https://github.com/j3k0/cordova-plugin-purchase and install it manually (see next step - adding local plugin over the UI will not work!) i created a file called "intelxdk.config.additions.xml" in the same directory as the other xdk files (this file will be included in the actual build files - it's a way to include additional parameters for plugins like "billing_key)i added the following xml code to the xml file: (MIIB... is the Licence Key! you'll find it in the developer console under Services & APIs) now you need to edit one file in the plugin to make up for the BUG ! edit the file plugin.xml and find the section that says <string name="billing_key_param"> and add your Licence Key instead of the variable $BILLING_KEY so it looks like this: i was then able to build the project and upload the apk with the right permissions and the plugin (and the additional parameter) as "alpha" release to the playstore and also add my first "in-app product" (id: "noads") https://play.google.com/apps/publish/i defined a price and activated it.. i published my app as alpha release !!!i added the example code from the github plugin website to my code so the "device ready" signal should do some sort of "appstore" setupdocument.addEventListener('deviceready', initializeStore, false); function initializeStore() { // Let's set a pretty high verbosity level, so that we see a lot of stuff // in the console (reassuring us that something is happening). store.verbosity = store.WARNING; // We register a dummy product. It's ok, it shouldn't // prevent the store "ready" event from firing. "noads" is the current id store.register({ id: "noads", alias: "no ads", type: store.NON_CONSUMABLE }); // When everything goes as expected, it's time to celebrate! store.ready(function() { console.log("STORE READY"); }); // When purchase is approved show some logs and finish the transaction. store.when("noads").approved(function(order) { console.log("PURCHASE APPROVED"); order.finish(); }); store.when("noads").owned(function() { console.log("PRODUCT PURCHASED"); alert('You purchased the ad-free version! Please restart the application to finish.'); disableADS(); // custom function triggered }); // After we've done our setup, we tell the store to do // it's first refresh. Nothing will happen if we do not call store.refresh() store.refresh(); } it seems that i need to setup a testing google account because i'm not allowed to use my google dev account for testpurchases ?! so i added another account as "Gmail accounts with testing access" in the settings section of the developer console AND i had to create a google group and invite those testers AND add the group as allowed apha testers in the apk section !! (make sure the app version code is the same otherwise the purchase will not work !)i now have my button in place that should trigger the purchase by calling the following function:function buyADS(){ store.order('noads');}i installed an apk file i built in intel xdk (not the one i uploaded to the store because i made some changes to the store script) with a user thats in the "alpha test group" (developer is not allowed to purchase) !!then i started the game and clicked on my "buy-button" it actually loads the store inside my app and let me complete a test-purchase (add creditcardnumber and so on...) Yeeehaaa !!
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