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Found 25 results

  1. Hi I just built a game with Phaser3 (3.10.1) and wrapped with cordova crosswalk (2.4.0), the screen keeps blinking while running on some Android devices. It works pretty well on most devices and even without any issue in the browser instead of cordova from same device. Anyone has similar experience?
  2. With some hacks from these two links: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21406781/how-can-i-bring-up-the-keyboard-on-mobile-devices-to-catch-the-input-for-drawing?lq=1 I managed to open the keyboard on my android device. However the keystrokes i do are not sent to the Phaser game i.e my Phaser text field is not filled with data. <input id="hiddenInput" type="text" name="hiddenInput" style="position:absolute; left:-1px; top: -1px; width:1px; height:1px; opacity:0;"/> <script> $(document).ready( function() { $("#hiddenInput").focus(); }); </script>
  3. Hello, I have encountered a problem with iOS, which I haven't been able to address so far and I was wondering, if someone maybe has an idea of what could be going on. I have a cordova-crosswalk Sudoku puzzle game which runs great on a large variety of Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy S2 and Note 1. Apart from bringing groups to top, there is nothing else in the update as the entire game logic revolves around input signals. To my knowledge, the game is decently optimized, given how well it performs on the aforementioned 6-year old devices. The problem comes with iOS. I have t
  4. Hello everyone, I read lots of articles about android being terrible in decoding audio. But I don't understand. I run my phaser game on android in browser it work perfect with sound and music and it work perfect when its wrapped with Cordova only. The problem is when I integrate crosswalk in it, no sounds are playing at all and when I order the loading screen to wait till decode just a 1 second long sound file (mp3, 44100) it doesn't continue, just stuck there. I tried cordova-media-plugin and still nothing is working. I am using the latest crosswalk and latest cordova. Any help plz
  5. Hi All, I have uploaded my new puzzle game Neighbor Numbers to Google Play Store. I developed the game using Phaser Framework and wrapped into android app using Crosswalk. It is a unique puzzle game. All numbered blocks need to have neighbors as many as its neighbor count. The number on a block represents its neighbor count. The neighbor blocks should be up, down, left or right to the block, not diagonal. You must connect all block using this neighbor rule. Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mussky.neighbornumbers I hope you will like it.
  6. Visual Studio provides a nice environment for developing cross-platform apps. To do so you need to first install the Apache Cordova plug-in. Once that's installed you can develop and debug your Babylon.js app using the Ripple Emulator which uses the latest Google Chrome). The problem occurs when you want to deploy to an actual device, like an Android tablet or phone. If you're running anything less than Android Lollipop (< V5.0), your Babylon.js app won't work because it runs in a webview and older webviews to do not support WebGL. The solution is to add CrossWalk to your
  7. Hello, I'm trying to make a game with Cordova. My game works perfectly on my Chrome Browser with a WAMP, but there's no server running in my app cordova. Two solutions : -How can I implement a server in cordova to run my game ? or -How can I run my game without a server ? Any ideas ?
  8. Hey guys! I wanted to show of our latest game to you. It's (yet another) penalty shooter with the current European Championship as it's theme. The game is fully made with Phaser, and we used Intel XDK / Crosswalk to make the Android App, never have thought It would be so easy! Like I said, it's a penalty shooter, you pick your team, progress trough the map of France and try to be the European Champion while beating 7 of your opponents to a pulp. And now for some shameless self promotion: In order to make this game (an any other HTML5 game at Orange Games) we decided to
  9. TLDR: Is there a step by step guide that walks through turning a Phaser game into a Crosswalk apk? Details: I've been using Cocoon's webview+ (essentially chrome) to wrap my Phaser games, which has been great. But Google Play has flagged my Cocoon apps for removal with an alert about unpatched SSL vulnerabilities that are part of the wrapper. The issue has been there since Jan this year but Ludei's response in a thread on their forums says they don't have time to fix it. So I'm re-wrapping my Phaser games with Crosswalk, which already updated their wrapper to not have the SSL vulne
  10. Hey, the music for my game is 2:00 minutes long, when I wait for it to decode on the desktop in all browsers it is bearable, but with cordova + crosswalk it is much much longer, I tried using https://github.com/floatinghotpot/cordova-plugin-nativeaudio , but it doesn't work well for me, the sound on android is delayed much more than using the phaser sound, and it sometimes simply doesn't work... stuck etc. any advice on this subject? Thanks a lot!
  11. I have build a very simple game with crosswalk but when I run the game on my android device its showing an error popup like 'The connection to the server was unseccessfu.(file:///android_asset/www/index.html) '.
  12. Have you seen this: https://crosswalk-project.org/blog/crosswalk-game-mode.html It's a version of the crosswalk webview for android with optimizations for html5 games. They are working with cocos2d engine, it would be great if they could work also with phaser. I haven't tested it yet because it needs a custom build and I don't have the tools installed, but if anyone is willing to test this with phaser it would be great.
  13. Hello everybody, here is my new and first game launched on Google Play, it's called "Da Box"! URL: goo.gl/PFvjuO It's a puzzle/platformer, using one finger to play. It's really easy to learn, but somehow hard to master! It was made using Construct 2 (for the most part, some coding was done for additionnal stuff) and it uses the Crosswalk Webview for the best compatibility. I hope you'll like it, and don't hesitate to comment, give me suggestions/feedback and share! Enjoy Here are some screenshots:
  14. Was Flappy Bird too easy? Then try this addictive game and try to survive as long as you can: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIvAZ786Aj4 On this addictive game you need to survive as long as you can by jumping over the blocks. Every time player jumps, the gravity changes making this more challenging than regular endless running games! Game requires fast reaction time and also good luck. Games specs:-Retro graphics.-Adrenaline music.-Easy to control, just touch the screen to jump. Available at Google Play Store:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.rasteri.mixedgravity Mixed Gr
  15. I still didn't find any tutorial out there on how to properly implement in app purchases (in my case with android && crosswalk) so this is some sort of tutorial for in app purchases (but it isn't finished yet - that's why i need your help ) i'm using this plugin http://plugins.cordo...ordova.purchase (it seems to be the right choice for this since it's the most used plugin in the database)i added the permissions "com.android.vending.BILLING" to my project settings (this is needed for the google developer console to recognize the apk as "billing enabled" and allow adding an "in-ap
  16. So yes I did try to export for Android using Intel XDK/Crosswalk and the exported file was 20+ megabytes. Let just say I am building a variant of Tetris which is classic arcade game, contained of 80% code and alghorithm and 20 percent of assets, sounds/images/GUI. So you are expecting it to be less 5MB all in all. I mean when we talk about mobile and web games we think of small games. So building with Crosswalk aka 20+ megabytes of added weight seems silly. I also tried Cordova for Android but the build was sluggish. I have Nexus 7 with nVidia Tegra and Intel quad core processor. This s
  17. The new Cocoon beta - now open! During the last months we have been working on building the greatest possible cloud service for HTML5 developers. We have been HTML5 pioneers with our previous CocoonJS Cloud providing the fastest canvas renderer with Canvas+ and offering services integration. It has been a great experience but we felt that some things could be improved and so we did. Now you ask for an invitation to start using it here. Today we just launched the new Cocoon Beta. We will start sending invitations progressively during the Beta period so if you request an invitation today you
  18. Hi guys! We're pitching a new tool to build HTML5 apps/game via cloud. It's as simple as some build tools like CocoonJS of Ludei, or AppMobi of IntelXDK, but no watermark or splash will be added in your game like other services. [How it woks] - Go to our site, register one developer account. - Set app info: name, package name, version, screen orientation... - Upload your HTML5 zip file, icon, splash image... - Integrate Admob, Chartboost, Google Analytics... with your own IDs - Choose wrapper technology like Crosswalk or Cordova or Android Webview... - Android-only right now [Pricing]
  19. Now I have crosswalk running - a lot faster average of 55 fps rather than 15, I have noticed an annoying Flash of unstyled content on startup. Essentially I am ending up with a white horizontal bar across the bottom of the screen against a black background appearing for a second after the splash screen and before the games first screen. Does anyone have a hint at how to beat it? I am thinking either try and get the splash screen to hang around longer - or some CSS trickery
  20. Hi! I just published my first game, Hopsop, on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=se.carljohanelger.hopsop Hopsop is an endless runner type game. It's easy to learn but difficult to master. Control Hopsop by tapping and dragging to aim, then release your finger to perform a jump. Pick as much tree fruit as you can while you climb upwards. If you pick enough, you will unlock new playable characters. Be fast, and be precise – because if you fall you will have to start all over again. It's built in HTML5/javascript using the Phaser framework and packaged with Cordova/
  21. Hi, in the next few minutes MightyEditor will be updated. * Now, MightyEditor can compile Android APK packages in both debug and release modes using Crosswalk Project (https://crosswalk-project.org/) Regarding the release build - MightyEditor will generate a keystore for every user and will use it to sign all the user's games. When compiling is finished MightyEditor will send an email containing a link to an APK and your keystore (attached). For already created projects ME will provide generic manifest.json and default icon. You can create your own manifest.json and upload launcher.png (12
  22. i already settled with 50fps on my nexus 7 2013 when using crosswalk to compile my game until i upgraded to android lollypop till now there was no difference between the crosswalk build and running the game in the chrome Browser but now the browser runs the game completely smooth and fast.. not to say perfect.. while the crosswalk build drops frames any ideas ? i'm going to release my game in the next month and i really like it to be as fast as possible. thx!!
  23. Hi! I'm trying to put my Phaser game in a Crosswalk/Cordova Android wrapper. I've been following the steps described: https://crosswalk-project.org/documentation/cordova/migrate_an_application.html, and been using the versions mentioned there (Cordova 3.5, Crosswalk 7.36). I've also tried the newest versions of both. When running the app in the Android emulator, I end up with a black screen and this error in the console: Uncaught Error: This browser does not support webGL. Try using the canvas renderer[object Object] That's when I set the rendering mode explicitly to webGL. When using Ph
  24. Hi everybody ! I am searching a native performance wrapper for canvas based games on Android since long time. For the time being I only knew 3 ways (solutions allowing to use an existing code without having to change anything): CocoonJs, Ejecta-X et Intel XDK. The better being CocoonJs. But because I don't like: - Being dependent of a platform: the day they change the version, if this version introduce some bugs in your games, you cannot re-build anything until they fixed it. - Being unable to create custom native plugins. - Being unable to remove the splash screen. Last week, as I was
  25. Crosswalk is a way of publishing HTML5 games and apps as Android native apps, using Chromium for Android. We've written about it more on our blog: https://www.scirra.com/blog/133/introducing-crosswalk-the-new-way-to-publish-to-android This is a huge improvement over non-browser wrappers like CocoonJS and Intel's AGI - but note it only covers Android 4.0+, and not iOS. It's also a lot better than the Android 4.4 Chromium-powered webview: it works for 4.0+, updates are regular and are not tied to the OS version, more features are available (WebGL, Web Audio API, etc.) and performance is fa
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