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Found 1 result

  1. Hi. Is it possible to apply a small modification in the inspector in order to discard in Meshes Tab duplicates. I know that inspector is for general purposes, but it is a wonderful tool and I would make use of it. Let me explain. In my scene, I create 2 main meshes (empty meshes): context_mesh --> I put inside as child the plane context (schematic meshes from the plane in order to know where are the parts from query_mesh alocated in the plane query_mesh --> I put inside as child all the meshes from the selected query to the DB My problem is that when I open the inspector I see these 2 main meshes and I can descend into the childs but in the same level I also see these meshes (child) in the level 0. Example: Meshes Tab: Level0: - context_mesh: - context_mesh_child_1 - context_mesh_child_2 - context_mesh_child_n - query_mesh: - query_mesh_child_1 - query_mesh_child_2 - query_mesh_child_n - context_mesh_child_1 - context_mesh_child_2 - context_mesh_child_n - query_mesh_child_1 - query_mesh_child_2 - query_mesh_child_n It's a bit confusing. Best regards