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Found 2 results

  1. I use onIntersectionEnterTrigger and onIntersectionExitTrigger to detect intersections in my project. As far as I understand for each mesh BabylonJS draws precise bounding box and both triggers use it. Everything went well untill I ran into round objects. So my first question is is it possible to change bounding box to bounding sphere and how to do it? and the second is does BabylonJS also draw bounding sphere for each mesh or I need to draw it by hand?
  2. Hello! Probably I've found a bug with ActionManager and it's intersection triggers. In my case there is a bigger container, smaller mesh inside it and a sphere which moves through them. PG demo: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#6CY2EU#1 If you check the console - you will notice that inner mesh's OnIntersectionEnter is triggered only once, while bigger container's OnIntersectionExit triggers every time. Expected result: both Enter and Exit triggers are fired every time. NOTE: if you make both triggers the same (OnIntersectionExitTrigger or OnIntersectionEnterTrigger) - everything is fine, so something is wrong with opposite/different triggers.
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