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Found 1 result

  1. hi!, I just have a weird problem, and just on ios (I think android gave more memory to browser resources). I have a dinamic game, with a dinamic map, so I generate a tileset of 26x25 tiles (100x100 each tile), and then I tried two things: that container, I convert to cache as bitmap, and when the player got to the final of that tileset, I cacheasbitmap = false the container, remove all sprites, and then add a new tileset (but from same tileset family, only change order, and all tileset are added on start), and make cacheasbitmap again, the other method I use, is instead of cacheasbitmap that tileset container, I add tileset too, but use the generateTexture() method, and to delete it, I use texture.destroy() method. The two methods works, I have 1 draw call per tileset instead of 400, so thats very nice. THE PROBLEM!!, is, no matter what I do, on ios, (on iphone 6 plus!! so it's not a limited ios device), when I generate, the 6 or the 7 tileset, the browser crash and restart, and I already check and have sure is this method that crash, because I try to only generate 5 of this segments of tileset, and then no generate more, only move on the last one, and the game don't crash, so I think, whatever I do, removing this sprites, or destroy the texture, I think the engine doesn't really remove from memory, have someone this problem before?? really thanks!