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Found 1 result

  1. Well, I've been experimenting with lights and meshes and exporting lights from Blender with includedOnlyMeshes. And I have even created a playground for experimenting with 5lights Playground Basically the scene has 5 lights : a Hemi illuminating everything, and 4 coloured lights each illuminating a single mesh directly below it. I did this using the Blender Babylon Exporter(BBE)'s ability to export includedOnlyMeshes. The scene loads fine into the PG. But I want to change the includedOnlyMeshes for the green light to include the floor mesh and get the scene to look like the image below. My attempts at coding are in the PG above. No errors are thrown and I print out to the console the includedOnlyMeshes.length for the green light before and after i update the array - and the array is updated but there is no change in the appearance of the scene. (I even disable the green light before making changes and then re-enable the light.) The code for maxSimultaneousLights is included as this is just a simple example for testing. The real scene will have 10-12 lights that I will need to do this for. So either the code I have written is useless or it is something that can't be done. Any help appreciated cheers, gryff